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DJ Sportz

DJ Sportz is named after footballer and coach Danny Johnson and is the home of football for children & young adults offering a range of football programmes to suit all. DJ Sportz is an established coaching provider, trusted and reliable and have been providing quality coaching sessions since 2008. DJ Sportz sessions offer a welcoming environment and experience, with our knowledge you are assured that your children will be given the best opportunities to develop.

Our ethos at DJ Sportz is: ‘A Chance to Shine’. Ethos is a Greek word meaning character and that is something we like to shine through in everyone.

Danny has had the privilege of working with some of the best football clubs and coaches from across the UK and Europe. Well respected and an excellent reputation, Danny has been able to develop programmes that children should be playing football with freedom and fun.

DJ Sportz prides itself on offering a comfortable and safe environment where you can relax, enjoy, be educated, learn new skills, play with freedom and develop at their own pace. You are guaranteed to have fun whilst in good company and make lots of new friends.

We welcome all children and young adults as we will have a programme that suits you. No matter what background, race, religion or ability you are welcome to come along and try our sessions.

For children aged 2-6, please go to Tiger Totz Soccer.


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